Monday, April 16, 2007

Just some quick sketches for an idea I'm working on. Things will change a lot I think.


Sean Covernton said...

Ooh! An idea!
Anything to do with this creative writing course?

Sloth said...

hey mean, i tried to read the story, , ... lots of big words, i got about half way through it...

well no, it was really good man, i cant say i'm a literature buff but from what appeals to me this defenatley did, there was enough description in the environment to get the immagination flowin'. which was a big bonus, one of the best parts was the hang nail in the story

*spooiler* for who hasnt read it yet so warning XXX

is then you know some shit is about to go down and one of them is going to die but dont know who :)

but yeah man if it were a comic i'd buy it, providing the art didnt suck :)

oh and as for the drawing, the kid looks good, i envisioned the dad as being more square jawd and wrinklier, but thats just what he looked like in my head, either way, way to apply those Crum skills man. cudos

Jellyjo said...

Creative writing course?
Produce his own comic?
Is he mad?
He's ganna kick some ASS?

The world is yours! Go Crazy For It! :D